MAC Cosmetics Presents… Miss Piggy

If your childhood was anything like mine, then the Muppets was a part of your daily lifestyle.

Now I don’t know about you, but my favorite character on the show was Miss Piggy. With her flair for the dramatic, over the top style, and not-so-secret lust for a certain green frog whose name rhymes with hermit, she is a diva in every sense of the world. Even as a Muppet baby, her personality was impressive. Ah Miss Piggy, you rock in every way.

For that reason alone, it is no surprise that I am slightly obsessed with MAC’s newest collaboration with one fashionable Piggy. Miss Piggy for MAC features only three products, modeled after Miss Piggy herself.

MAC Miss Piggy Collection

The star of the show is obviously Miss Piggy Pink eye shadow, a soft pastel pink that screams Kermie! (okay, so maybe it’s Miss Piggy who does that). Anywho, the shade is absolutely lovely.

The MAC for Miss Piggy Collection is available both online, and at your local MAC store/counter.

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