LUSH Cosmetics’ Newest Additions, A Sneak Peek

Decadent, Luxurious, Rich, Aromatic

LUSH Holiday Sneak Peek

All apt descriptions for the newest additions to the broad and illustrious family of LUSH Cosmetics. New to the family, and coming our way at the end of next month(that’s sooner than we think, people!) are releases designed to titillate the senses, and bring all of my fellow LUSH lovers into a tizzy.

I will be going into more detail on the individual releases shortly, but for now, the picture above is a sneak peek to whet your appetites.

Bubbleroons, massage bars, and lustre dusts, oh my!

All of these brand new LUSH treats will become available late November, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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