Krasey Techy Holiday- Skullcandy Fix

This krasey holiday addition is one that not only fits the bill as a must-have techy gadget, but also a krasey fitness must-have.

We have all experienced it. At the gym, feeling great, and jamming out to your favorite tunes while performing your workout of choice. You are going at it fast and hard, when all of a sudden your generic ear buds develop an aversion to actually staying in your ear canal. Enter the techy girl must-have, Skullcandy’s Fix Headphones.

Skull Candy Fix

Skullcandy’s Fix In-Ear earbuds are designed to fit and stay, no matter the environment and activity. Since I am of a rather active disposition, and I do work out for hours on end, these earbuds have become not only a boon, but a lifesaver. They ensure that I am only focused on myself and my routine, and not on tilting my head just so, as to keep my precious earbuds on and in.

Skullcandy’s Fix In-Ear earbuds are available both online, and at your local electronics/audio shop. Instrumental in the fight against wonky earbuds, these are the must-have fitness and tech accessory this holiday season.

One thought on “Krasey Techy Holiday- Skullcandy Fix

  • November 17, 2011 at 6:38 am

    How kool I love anything skull 🙂

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