Krasey Holidays- Molton Brown Symmetry Kit

When it comes to the holidays, hectic would be a rather apt description, no?

Take my  full time-jobbage, blog-related events, and gym-ming on the daily, and add into the mix holiday parties and gatherings, and it’s no wonder I find myself looking for a bit more calm in the eye of that storm.

My prescription for a case of the holiday ahhh’s? Molton Brown’s Symmetry Kit it is!

Molton Brown Symmetry Holiday Kit

The Molton Brown Symmetry set has the yin and yang to both invigorate and relax (not at once, obviously). Part 1, to invigorate and revive,  includes both Cempaka Bath & Shower gel, and Cempaka body lotion. Part 2, to calm, includes a Relaxing Yuan Zhi bath & shower gel, and a Relaxing Yuan Zhi lotion. I am all for the aromatherapy, and these duos bring the balance like no other.

Best of all, the kit comes in a gorgeous purple (purple!!) reusable gift box. A decorative box to hold various beauty items? Don’t mind if I do!


Look for the Molton Brown Symmetry Bath and Body Kit, exclusively for the holiday season, online or at your local Molton Brown Shop.

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