Jan Marini Holiday Collection

Readers, I have a confession to make. I have a deeply rooted love for all things of the gingerbread variety. Give me a warm, soft cookie, laden with cream cheese frosting, or a hot gingerbread pancake with syrup and whipped cream, and I just  might be your best friend for life. Or at least until I finish eating it. 😉

It is for that very reason that I must stand before you all (metaphorically speaking, of course), and declare my love for the new and limited edition Marini Holiday Exfoliator, by Jan Marini, which carries the OMG-amazing scent of fresh Gingerbread.

Jan Marini Gingerbread Exfoliator

Now those who have been longtime readers of K.B know, I absolutely love the Jan Marini line, from her patented lash serums to her exceptional peels, primers, and cleansers. Further deepening my love for her line, the Holiday Exfoliator does an amazing job at not only exfoliating my skin to baby smooth perfection, but also at tantalizing (and sometimes taunting) my tastebuds with its delicious scent.

Since I am sure you are all itching with curiousity, allow me to share the fact that not only does this exfoliator contain granulated physical exfoliants, but it also contains gentle chemical exfoliants in the form of fruit enzymes and glycolic acid. All in all, a potent blend designed to slough off dead skin cells in an incredibly gentle way.

The Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator is available exclusively on the Jan Marini website.

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