Fragrance Friday- Oh, Lola!

Vibrant, sparkling, brilliant, and posh, this is the girl Marc Jacobs had in mind when he brought Oh, Lola! to life.

Oh, Lola! is a young, fresh, fruity floral scent from the fragrance house of Marc Jacobs. On the list of notes are raspberry, vanilla, peony, pear, and cyclamen, all ingredients that would not be uncommon in your favorite refreshing, sparkling recipe. Oh Lola is bright, bubbly, juicy, and flirtatious, all qualities that makes it the perfect scent for the girl about town.

The bottle is absolutely lovely, all pink and oblate, topped with a red, green, and pink plastic flower. As bright and brilliant as the bottle is, it is the perfect container for such a effervescent scent.

MJ Oh Lola 50ml

Perfect for the young (or young at heart), lovely, fashionable girl, Oh, Lola! carries the elixir of youth in her lovely pink, flower-topped flacon. Oh, Lola! is currently available at your local Sephora, or fine fragrance counter near you.

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