Fragrance Friday- Costume National POP

When it comes to fragrances, I always feel like fashion houses do it better. Such is definitely the case for the newest fragrance to enter my world, POP by Costume National.

Costume National Pop

Inspired by bold colors and chic design, this fruity floral fragrance is a work of art in and of itself. This is the scent for the sophisticated woman, always clad in the latest and greatest that the fashion world has to offer.

The fragrance opens with an energetic burst of sweetness via grapefruit, raspberry, and blackcurrant absolute notes, immediately giving way to soft, feminine, floral rose and jasmine. At the scent’s heart lies patchouli heart, ambre gris and cashmere notes, which ultimately add not only depth, but a smoky, mysterious quality to the scent overall.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this fragrance is the fact that you don’t actually see the color of the bottle until you open up the white box. The bottles themselves are either turquoise, orange, red and blue, and you don’t really find out which one you get until you open up the little white box. The bottles themselves are like little modern sculptures, sleekly and chicly dressing any spot it rests on.

PoP Collection eau de parfum is available only as 100ml size. Look for it today, online and at your local fragrance shop.

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