Caudalie, Caudalie… Toujours Caudalie!

Caudalie Vinosource

Love at first sight, and passion at first try!  I’m a fan of Caudalie for many reasons, but here are the three that made me want to try it:   First I’m an unapologetic Francophile, second, how can anything from a Bordeaux winery be bad for you?!  And last but not at all least; their entire line is natural and eco-friendly.  They have been part of my beauty retinue since 1995 when they first launched, and I foresee a very long and happy relationship still blossoming in our future together.

So imagine how excited I was to receive a bottle of Caudalie’s Vinosource Quenching Sorbet-Crème from Adina?!

This gift bearing goddess happened to part with this precious parcel on a particularly harried morning for yours truly.  I was running late, and ran out of the house having skipped my morning routine (gasp!).  It was the old quick brush of the pearlies and a splash of cold water for that extra pre-coffee-must-wake-up-by-all-means necessary that I’m sure NONE of you are at all familiar with!  HA! Did I mention that after being crammed in overheated public transportation, and running eight blocks in the crisp breeze of an autumn morning my skin was so tight from lack of moisture I might be able to skip that golden years facelift neatly buried in my bucket list altogether (Don’t judge!  I’m Brazilian!)?!

I applied the frothy mouse and was immediately relieved.  My skin felt supple and plumped.  The cream is light as air and provides an instant quenching effect to the skin.  However, after a few weeks of regular application in the continuously cooling climate it felt a bit too light.  My skin tends to be on the normal side, with the occasional break out in the T-zone (particularly on certain days of the month, ahem), but the cheek areas can get quite dry during the chilly seasons.  This new moisturizer is absolute perfection for warmer weather and for that extra lift during the day. It also works remarkably well as a pre make-up layer.

But for those extra harsh days in the winter I’ll stick to my staples: Caudalie’s Pulpe Vitaminée Anti-wrinkle serum, followed by the moisturizing cream, and the dabbing of Caudalie’s Premier Cru eye cream with the little finger like a good girl.  This works even for quick evening routines  when you’re a bit lazy, but still want to do right by your face.

For the extra Caudalie skin love, I indulge in a weekly application of their Vinosource moisturizing cream/mask for eyes and face.  Oh!  And did I mention the regular spritzing of Caudalie’s Eau de Beaute throughout the day?!?!?   Minty wake up goodness!  Better than any cuppa Joe!

Oui  mes amies, for me Caudalie was, and still is, the entire package.  So I say! Toujours Caudalie!

by Carolina S.

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  • November 29, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Sounds amazing ! Can’t wait to try it!

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