Sweet Kisses with TOCCA Baci Roller Glosses

TOCCA Lip Gloss Aqua Baci

Dear readers, file these three little gems under the category of sugary sweet products that you shouldn’t live without. Giving the term sweet kisses meaning, TOCCA’s Baci Rollerball Lipgloss are products to covet and adore. Delicious and moisturizing, Baci glosses are my new obsession.

Rollerball lipgloss? You haven’t seen these since your tweens, you say? Well these aren’t your lip smackers of yesteryear, beauties. These are grown-up, sophisticated glosses, courtesy of TOCCA. In English, Baci literally translates to kiss. In Tocca terms, this translates to a kiss of shine, a kiss of moisture, a kiss of color, and a kiss of delicious sweetness. Each elegant rollerball gloss comes inspired by a different region in Southern Italy, with each distinct flavor adding Aloe, Vitamin E, and moisturizing olive oil to the lips.

TOCCA Lip Gloss Aqua Baci  di Amalfi

Amalfi is a sweet apple and lemon flavor, not unlike a delicious tart.

TOCCA Lip Gloss Aqua Baci  di Catania

Catania is a delectable, warm vanilla sugar flavor, and my favorite of the bunch.

TOCCA Lip Gloss Aqua Baci di Salina

Salina is a juicy raspberry peach, and being the most pigmented of the bunch, imparts a delicate rosy hue to the lips.

TOCCA’s Baci Lip Glosses bring a whole new meaning to the term sweet lips. These gourmand glosses are available online, on the TOCCA website.

One thought on “Sweet Kisses with TOCCA Baci Roller Glosses

  • October 4, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    I reviewed these a few months back for Pink Sith – LOVE these lip glosses. They’re more like liquid lip balms. Catania is my favorite, but the boy prefers Amalfi =) xoxo

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