Spring 2012 Hair Trends, with Danilo and Pantene

Now that fashion week here in New York has come and gone, let us all take a moment to decompress, digest, and discuss some of the hottest trends of the mane (attraction) variety.

I was recently invited to a beauty breakfast with Pantene, where hair superstar Danilo gave us the lowdown on all things hair and trendy. Let me preface this post by saying that hanging out Danilo is like getting together with your in-the-know bff. Charismatic, talented, and awesome as all-get-out, he is the person to speak to and hang around if ever you want to get the lowdown on all things hair. Here are some of the hot looks and trends, straight from the Spring Season 2012 runway.

Cushnie Et Ochs

At Cushnie Et Ochs, hair was chic and expensive looking. The idea was to make hair look done up, but still polished and brushable. The wet look was very in for this particular season, and Cushnie is a good representative of that aesthetic. Hair was pulled back from the face, another hot ticket look on the runways this season.


The Catherine Malandrino show was unusual in that it showcased the current RTW collection for this fall. Hair was 70’s chic, which means that it was all about lustrous, voluminous, LARGE, smooth curls. It was all about healthy, shiny, lust-worthy hair. In other words, classic Pantene hair.

To get the look at home, Danilo says that the trick is in the setting. So what does that mean? Well, you should start planning at your cleansing regimen, using products that will accommodate the look in the best way possible. Choose your styling products wisely, and then focus on the type of heat tool you will use to get the desired effect (a flat iron, vs a curling iron, vs hot rollers). Then, it’s practice, practice, practice makes perfect. If you are going for a curly look, pin your curls in place and allow them to cool, to ensure that everything stays in place. That is what he means by setting. It is what you do after you apply heat that ultimately makes all the difference in the final look of the hair. Curly hair is an art form, wear it well.


Another huge trend for the season was the topknot, and Danilo brought it backstage at L.A.M.B with an edgy yet elegant variation to the trend. The look was ultimately inspired by the Indian woman, with her khol-rimmed eyes and shining black hair, by the way.

Beautiful in every variation, a topknot is one of Danilo’s favorite looks for its versatility and ability to completely change a person’s appearance.  There is no wrong way to wear a topknot. Whether it’s neat and perfectly placed, or messy and slightly off-kilter, and that is the beauty of the trend.

As Danilo so sagely put it, the trend is being able to execute the trend. In other words, it can’t be a trend if you and I can’t execute it! That being said, who else is excited for Spring 2012 hair?!

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