Shop Here Now: The NYC Benefit Boutique

Once in a while, a new space pops up that kind of blows you away with how awesome it is. This post is about one such place, The Benefit Beauty Boutique, a staple on the west coast, but brand new to this wonderful city of New York.

I have a new happy place, and that place is called the Benefit Beauty Boutique in Soho. This isn’t your standard makeup shop, boys and girls, but  a one-stop beautifying shop where you can get thy pale self spray-tanned, thy hairy self waxed, and thy everyday face made up to Benefit perfection. In other words, this isn’t your standard beauty boutique, boys and girls.

I recently had the opportunity to preview the new space, and can attest that it was love at first sight. Decorated in classic Benefit fashion, the space is cheerful, inviting, and chock-full of amazingly awesome Benefit props and products. I especially enjoyed seeing the original Benetint, as packaged with homemade labels and all.

As an aside, I’d like to comment on what ended up being the best brow wax experience of my life.

Fact: I let my brows grow out a full 2 months. Yes, really.

Unfortunately, those two caterpillars residing on the real estate space above my eyes sure weren’t grooming themselves, and I wasn’t sure who to turn to in order make things right in brow world. Enter the amazing aesthetician who not only took my blank canvas and made it into something presentable, but she also gave me quite possibly the most perfect brows I’ve ever had.

My fellow New Yorkers, be sure to stop by the brand new Benefit beauty boutique in Soho today.

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