Say Hello to Pixi Beauty’s Newest Additions

Pixi New Beauty

Readers, it’s time to pop in and check out what’s new from one of our favorite Target Beauty Lines- Pixi. This Fall, it’s all about the beauty with benefits with two new additions that pack the makeup and skincare payback, obviously.

First up, the serum! Line Relax Serum is a face primer, yes, but one with additional ingredients designed to calm and soothe, energize and invigorate.

Pixi Line Relax Serum

More specifically, Line Relax boasts floral extracts, Ginko Biloba, and peptides to awaken the skin, Aloe Witch Hazel and Calendula to heal, soothe, and hydrate the skin, and Cornflower extract to decongest pores. Not a bad cocktail when looking for something to prep and prime the face for foundation, and other colorful additions.

Pixi All Over Magic Rose Radiance

All Over Magic Face Powder is a wonderfully whimsical little compact of soft, translucent, shimmering color. Lightening and brightening the high points of the face (hello bright eyes!), Magic Face Powder also houses healing magnesium, and anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E.

Pixi All Over Magic Rose Radiance

Pixi All Over Magic Rose Radiance
Pixi All Over Magic Rose Radiance

With these new additions, Pixi is bringing double duty beauty at its finest. Look for these new additions online, and at your local Target store.

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