Krasey Fitness- It’s A Lady’s Thing with Lady Foot Locker

Sometimes, it happens in an instant. You go about your daily routine, focusing on just getting things done. You don’t think about the individual constituents that make up your days, your personality, your life, but rather think in terms of the unified whole. Until you do stop and think about the things that make your life. Not only the people and the events, but the chores, the tasks, the actions. Then you have that major breakthrough, realization, or epiphany. So where am I going with all of this?

I am a beauty blogger, obviously. I am also a girlfriend, an employee in corporate finance land, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, etc. As a child, up until early adulthood, I’d throw dancer into that adjective pool as well. It was not too long ago that an epiphany led me to the distinct realization that I have become, and now consider myself- dare I say it- an athlete! I am a woman that loves to run, jump, lift, and sweat daily. Without it, I just don’t feel like me.

My name is Adina, and I love working out!

That being said, I am a huge proponent of the “look good, feel good” philosophy. That is, I work harder, jump higher, run faster when I feel attractive. That means being decked out in my gym gear, color coordinated and fitted to my specifications. I mean, if I spend all this time, money, and energy on projecting a certain image at work and at play, then why not extend that mentality to the fitness activities that I enjoy so much? I love wearing good-looking workout gear that works as hard as I do, period. This is where Lady Foot Locker comes in.

I was recently invited to an event with Glam Media and Lady Foot Locker, where I had the opportunity to not only test drive some of Lady Foot Locker’s awesome gear, but to also experience a butt-kicking Core Fusion Class, and enjoy a delicious lunch with my fellow bloggesses. Let’s discuss!

The day began on the right foot, with an extra 2.5 (2.5, people!) hours of sleep for this exhausted blogger. To clarify, I normally have to be up every morning at 4:30 to go to work, so waking up at 7 was a huge relief. I headed in to the city on that dreary fall morning all full of excitement, and with good reason. I arrived at the Exhale Spa at the Gansevoort Hotel, ready for anything and everything.

First, the apparel fitting. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am an Under Armour junkie, so you all know that I love to look good when I work out. I love compression anything, and I especially love color coordinating my outfits.  Fortunately, Lady Foot Locker happily obliged with some truly exceptional gear. I swear, they must have been in my head when they selected my compression capris (my favorite), purple racer-back tank(with built-in bra), jacket, sneakers, and even my matching purple and black headband. The apparel was from a mixture of brands, one of them being L.F.L’s very own brand Actra, which rocks. Decked out to the fitness nines, so to speak, I was ready to get my Core Fusion on.

Ah, Core Fusion. I thought that you would be so easy (thanks to my current fitness) level. Boy, was I wrong. Over the course of an hour, I lifted, stretched, extended and crunched till my muscles were shaking. The class was challenging, but not unmanageable. My gear kept me cool and comfortable, even when my muscles weren’t. All in all, an amazing class that I would most definitely take again in a heartbeat.

With the ultra-fab Christine of Tineey.Com

Last but not least, the lunch. My fellow ladies who lunch-ers and I got to mingle, nosh, and peruse to our heart’s content, all of Lady Foot Locker’s amazing new footwear selections for spring. Loving the neons I am seeing lately, obviously.

If there is one definition that I can proudly stand behind it would be athlete. Fortunately, Lady Foot Locker is on board to help me in my ongoing quest for clothing that just helps me do me better (if that makes sense). I had an amazing time that faithful Thursday morning, and I hope you enjoyed experiencing it with my through my narration.

2 thoughts on “Krasey Fitness- It’s A Lady’s Thing with Lady Foot Locker

  • October 18, 2011 at 12:18 pm

    Looking good, Adina!!! I agree with you – I workout harder/better when I feel like I look good too. very hard for me to do because my hair is a BIG problem. But I’m working on it. I recently discovered under armor and am in love. I love that tank you are wearing, btw. WANT! 🙂

  • October 19, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    Thank you so much, Sarah! Be sure to check out LFL for their own label wear. I am pretty pleased with what I have. 🙂

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