Krasey Fitness, Again

It’s time for another krasey fitness update. Here is what’s new in krasey fitness land.

On Being Caffeine Free

Yes folks, you read that right. After early October’s forced holiday-related caffeine ban, I’ve decided I don’t need it anymore in my life. The irritibality, moodiness, headaches, and utter exhaustion I felt after cutting out caffeine cold turkey only made me realize how dependant I had become on the brew to get me through my ever-busy days. Going into caffeine withdrawal opened my eyes so to speak, to the evils of dependency, and I didn’t like what I felt. So now, I stand before you completely caffeine-free, hoping I can maintain this new facet of my lifestyle. That means no more regular coffee, no more regular diet coke, no more black tea, etc. It hasn’t been easy, and I am definitely feeling more tired these days, but I am hoping all of that will pass.

Feeling the Pain, and why it is kind of awesome

So I know that I mentioned the Core Fusion class of a couple of weeks ago, right? Well what I didn’t mention was the intense physical training session that I had just two days prior to that. Let’s just say that I went hard, and I went long, in a workout that left me sore, shaking, and aching in a way I never thought possible. Topped with Core Fusion just a short day later, my muscles were fatigued to the max. So much so that one week later, I still felt pain in my biceps and obliques. Oddly enough, I enjoyed the pain. I felt like I actually achieved something that workout. Weird, right?

I am 1 lb away from my first goal weight!

So one of the reasons I started working out in the first place is that I wanted to lose weight, obviously. I have always made it a personal point to be slightly under what it considered a normal weight for my height. Unfortunately, I had ballooned to something 20 lbs away from that, and that was no bueno. So what I did was break my weight down into two, 10 pound losses. 9 down, 11 to go folks!

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