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So you may all be wondering what happened to these past week’s krasey fitness feature. Chalk it up to a move(more on that later) and fashion week preparations, but I have been slacking ever so slightly. This week’s krasey fitness edition is all about how my fitness priorities have temporarily (hopefully!) shifted, taking a backseat to other, more pressing matters.

Folks, I am on the cusp of some serious life changes. For starters, I am moving in with my boyfriend, to a brand new apartment, in a different borough. As someone who has lived in the same apartment for all of my 26 years (not counting the four years of college), this is a HUGE deal. Since both of us are starting from scratch, there is a lot of shopping (shopping!) and planning to do. Color me frazzled.

To make matters even more harrowing, along came fashion week, which meant that I was running around trying to get as much backstage coverage in as possible, in between the full time job and other commitments. Yes, it is exciting, and I feel incredibly privileged to have a lot of these opportunities afforded to me, but to say that I was stressed out and sleep deprived (as were all of my fellow bloggers, I’m sure) would be a vast understatement. I didn’t have any energy to do more than the bare minimum in terms of physical exertions. That sucks, big-time.

Throughout all of this, my fitness routine (when I can get it in) has been instrumental  in helping me stay centered and focused during my own perfect storm. When I put on my gear, and hop onto that elliptical, it is as if nothing else exists in the world. It is during those moments that my head clears, my mind opens, and I can truly focus on myself and how I feel.

Those folks who preach about the glory of physical exertion, I totally get it now. That is my major revelation of the week.

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