Fragrance Friday- Elie Saab Le Perfume

Chic, sophisiticated, and classically elegant. Such is the description for the fragrance debut of esteemed fashion designer, Elie Saab. A flowery woodsy scent, Le Parfum is the fragrance to sniff this fall season.

Le Parfum opens with a dominating note of bright, energizing, slightly sweet orange blossom. Given a couple of minutes to settle on the skin, the stronger white flowers make themselves known, specifically the jasmine, and the grandiflorum. At the fragrance’s core are woodsy cedar, patchouli, and a sweet honeyed rose.

Elie Saab le_parfum

Like the scent, the flacon is comprised of translucent, multifaceted glass. Much like a diamond, the bottle reflects light in the most beautiful way, revealing the delicately hued elixir within.


Chic, elegant, and ultra-feminine, Elie Saab’s Le Parfum is a lovely scent with romantic intentions. Look for the new fragrance at your local Saks, Nordstrom, and other high end department store fragrance counters.

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