Dr Sadick’s Park Avenue Prescription Skincare

Readers, beauty-heads, and skincare aficionados alike, allow me to introduce you all to Dr Neil Sadick, dermatological superstar. Dr. Neil Sadick is a renowned dermatologist and researcher. Board certified in Dermatology, Cosmetic Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Hair Transplantation, Dr. Sadick offers both patients and corporations both enthusiasm, and expertise.

Consultant to many a skincare and cosmetic brand, Dr Sadick and the Sadick Dermatology Group have now branched out, to form their own skincare line, The Park Avenue Prescription. Designed to offer up both skin aging reversal and anti-aging protection, all in an intuitive three part kit exclusively available to Sephora, Park Avenue Prescription has your skin covered, no matter what the time of day. Allow me to introduce the kit’s constituents, and offer up a bit more background information.

The Park Avenue Prescription consists of three anti-aging and preventative skincare products especially formulated for daily morning and evening use. Based on the knowledge that the skin ages on all three dermal levels, not just the visible epidermal layer; Dr Sadick and his team developed a 3D approach to target the epidermis, dermis, and endodermis. The overall goal of the line is to combat hyperpigmentation, reduce skin’s redness, stimulate the production of skin-fortifying collagen, and generally improve skin’s clarity, tone, and texture. The kit consists of one product designed for morning use, and two specifically for evening use.

Park Avenue Prescription

AM Protection Cream

This morning cream offers up a powerful blend of antioxidants and amino acids, to provide deep hydration, broad spectrum UV protection, the detoxification of skin impurities, and the protection against collagen breakdown..

PM Reversal Serum

Rich in peptides, retinols, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this nighttime serum stimulates collagen production and cellular turnover, to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With this serum, skin will appear tighter and smoother.

PM Rejuvenation Cream

Designed to calm, moisturize, and soothe the skin, PM Rejuvenation contains pigment and redness fighting agents, targeting melanin-induced age spots and hemoglobin-induced redness and skin irritation.

Dr Sadick’s Park Avenue Prescription Skincare Collection is to be the first of many innovative skincare regimens created by Dr Neil Sadick. Available exclusively at Sephora, this is one skincare line that all skintypes can appreciate.

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