Fragrance Friday- Kenzo Flower Tag

Everyone leaves their mark on the world, their own signature that follows them and lingers wherever they might go. It is this very tag that not only sets us apart as fiercely unique individuals, but also influences both our actions, and those around us. Such is the inspiration for Kenzo Parfum’s newest scent, Flower Tag.


Flower Tag is a younger, fresher, hipper version of Kenzo’s original powdery floral. The scent opens with a bright burst of fruity black currant, fresh citrusy mandarin and tangy rhubarb. At the scent’s heart it’s all floral with notes of peony, jasmine and lily of the valley. Warming things up further still is Flower Tag’s  base, which sings of soft tea and even softer musky vanilla.

Kenzo Flower Tag

The bottle’s shape is exactly that of its older sister, a delicately curved, thin cylindrical flacon. Unlike her big sis however, Flower Tag is colored bright red, and decorated with poppy graffiti.

Those who already know and love Flower by Kenzo will surely love this younger, fresher, more modern incarnation. Kenzo’s FlowerTag is available both online, and at your local Kenzo counter.

One thought on “Fragrance Friday- Kenzo Flower Tag

  • September 4, 2011 at 2:46 am

    I’m getting giddy with this one. I was such a fan of Kenzo Flower. The scent stays for days!

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