Drybar N.Y.C- A Love Letter

Dear Dry Bar,

Numerous have been the times that I have heard whisperings of your greatness. Longing have been the looks that I have shot at the beautiful photos on your website, wishing I could have one of your fabled blowouts for myself. Elated was I when I finally had the opportunity to experience your sublime blowouts in your newly minted NYC location.

My mane, while dyed, purple-extensioned, and cut to perfection, was in dire need of some fashion-week worthy styling love when I walked into your modish salon. With your cocktail menu-styled lookbooks, your chic design, and even the chick flicks you had playing on your shiny t.v’s, I fell into deep like with you immediately. When Santa, one of your artists got to work on my abundant and difficult mane, deep like turned into love. With a glance in one your beautiful mirrors post blowout, love turned into what is sure to be a long-lasting obsession.

DryBar, thank you for gracing NYC with your presence. Please don’t ever leave me.



One thought on “Drybar N.Y.C- A Love Letter

  • September 28, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    I love the purple! I have pink in my hair right now – not removable. LOL I just couldn’t stand having normal boring hair anymore and had to do it. This reminds me that I have my next appointment at my salon coming up in a couple of weeks…

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