Digital Distractions- Clarins Spa Life Game

If there is one thing that can be said of the current state of affairs, it’s that we are a nation of people obsessed with social media. More specifically, the book of face (Facebook). Even better, we find ourselves killing hours upon hours doing everything from reading status updates, to playing games like Farmville. Why? Because we all need the fun, the distraction, the procrastination enabling, and the mental breaks that Facebook provides.

On another note, I might be speaking for myself here, but I’m a bit of a Clarins nut. From skincare to cosmetics, there hasn’t been a Clarins product that I haven’t tried and instantly fallen in love with.

Combine the brand that I love, and the distraction I need, and you get Spa Life, a brand new interactive Facebook game brought to us by Clarins and Fresh Planet. Spa Life is all about enabling the user to not only create and manage their own virtual spa, but to also learn about specific Clarins products and services in the meantime. I’ve been playing these past few days, and count me a huge fan already!

Whether you are a Clarins-a-holic, or just a gal with some time to kill, Spa Life is delightfully fun. Stop by the Clarins Facebook page today, and have a play. All the cool kids are doing it, and you know you want to.

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