Beauty Breakfast at Barneys

Ladies and gents, this past Tuesday I ventured into a territory that somehow felt familiar and frightening all at once. Those who live in New York City know that you must avoid Fifth Avenue in midtown for the throngs of tourists that will most likely get in y our way. Yet venture I did, for a worthy cause. I was a girl with a purpose, and not one to be daunted by the task at hand. My mission, as I chose to accept it, was to scout the beauty floor of Barneys New York, at an exclusive press breakfast with Jason Ascher, Barney’s resident beauty expert. What I discovered was a slew of luxurious, exclusive to Barneys products that I will surely never want to live without.

The high end cosmetic lover’s dream, Barneys’s beauty floor has anything and everything that the well versed beauty-phile could ever want or need. A veritable candy store, brimming with exclusive, high-end cosmetic brands just ripe for the picking, it’s no wonder I immediately decided that one of my new goal’s in life would be to visit the beautiful space at least once a month.

Let’s discuss some of the hotter than hot Barney’s beauty exclusives, new for the fall.

Arquiste Fragrances

The brainchild of architect and designer Carlos Huber, Arquiste is a niche line featuring fragrances inspired by specific moments in history. There are six unisex blends in all, with each one being more stunning than the next.


Radical Skincare

A line chock-ful of antioxidants, Radical Skincare brings the best that skincare can offer. Cannot wait to try!

Kre-At Lashes

A line that brings beautiful, versatile, and most importantly, comfortable false lashes to the masses, Kre-At is perfect for creating instant eye definition, a hot trend for fall!

Now that I’ve introduced you to some Barneys beauty exclusives, let’s discuss some of Jason’s favorite tips and trends.

  • As per Jason, bright lips, lots of lashes and liner, less of the shadow are all hot looks for fall.
  • Need to clean your makeup brushes? If it’s good enough for cutting grease on dishes, then it is great for your brush. Dawn dish liquid works a treat!
  • When selecting your new fall fragrance, go for a unique blend that plays off of your own personal note preferences. Don’t go for the scent that smells like something else, but rather go for something exciting and new! Something like Arguiste’s blends, perhaps?

After an enchanting morning positively brimming with beautiful things, I’m so full of ideas! In fact, I am sure it won’t be too long before you’ll find me in Barneys, scoping out the latest beauty offerings. Ah, so much to love! See for yourself, by visiting Barneys in NYC, or online at!

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