Weekly Nom- Sensible Portions

Welcome to the weekly nom, a regular series in which I tell you all about the things that make me say nom. In other words, a spotlight of my current obsessions of the ingestible, digestible foods and beverages.

On my journey towards a leaner, trimmer, more toned physique, I’ve had to seriously step back and take a look at not only my activity levels, but also my eating habits. You may not know this about me, but I am stickler for eating healthy. Veggies, whole grain bread, and lean protein are the main constituents.

So how did I turn into a doughy blob? Snacking, that’s how. I absolutely love fresh fruit, frozen yogurt, pretzel sticks, baked chips, etc. While these snacks are actually rather healthy on the whole, too much of them contributed to my stay-puft physique. And then I met Sensible Portions.


A line chock-full of healthy snacks, Sensible Portions come in convenient single-serve packs, designed for those like me who need a little help on the portion-control thing. Happily, from cheese Potato Straws to toasted onion Bagel Tops, each variety that I’ve tried is nothing short of nom-inducing.

You can find most Sensible Portions snacks both online, and at your local market. Fellow dieters, junk-food cravers, and snackaholics take note. Sensible Portions has what you (and I) crave, in a perfectly portioned package to boot!

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