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Readers, it’s time to wrap up our ever-fabulous series on Samy (from Miami, of course), and his fantastic line of hair styling products. This past three months have given me the opportunity to not only test several of Samy’s products, but also to get acquainted with the brand’s image, mission, and of course the wonderful founder.

Samy Hair

I am incredibly impressed with the brand as a whole. The products perform, the packaging is quirky and fun, and the brand’s vibe is trendy, and hip. Let it be known that the Twisted line has become a curly hair staple for me, and with the amount of hair products I have lined up in my arsenal, that speaks volumes.

Samy, besides having this great hair care line, and a boisterous, fun personality to boot, is a philanthropist as well. Definitely worth mentioning is Samy’s newest initiative. He has partnered with the nonprofit group Step Up Women’s Network, to help educate and mentor teen girls in the New York City area. This specific partnership will focus on helping teen girls gain confidence, while putting them on track to becoming college-bound, and career ready. In addition to his work with the group, Samy will also be sponsoring this year’s Stepping Up in the City annual membership celebration in November.

It’s been a fun three months, getting to know Samy as a blogger brand ambassador. I’ve found a drugstore gem in Samy Haircare, and you can too by visiting your local drugstore or mega-mart, and getting in on the Samy Hair action.

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