Krasey Fitness- Week 7 Update

It’s Monday, Monday, and that means it is also time for another Krasey Fitness update. I’m happy to report that this past week was definitely better than the one before, thanks to all of the support and love that I received out there in cyberspace. Now on to this week’s discoveries!

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, and Neither Will I be

So how many times now have I had to remind myself that patience is a virtue? Anything worth having, is worth working hard for, and nothing worth having ever comes quickly. It took the greatest sculptors and painters days, months, and even years to create their masterpieces, and it will surely take me some amount of time to build my own personal masterpiece.

Make it Fun

Is the mantra that one of the trainers instilled into my head during a routine resistance training session with the trusty resistance bands. He encouraged me to take a known exercise (the row, in case you were wondering), and turn it on its ear in a way that involves as many muscle groups as possible. The result was a new, engaging, interesting exercise move that still has me hurting some three days later.

Every Body Has its Limit

And this week, I reached mine. A combination of not being able to sleep well in the evenings, stretching myself a bit too thin with appointments and commitments, and overdoing it with the workouts have left me cranky, exhausted, and my body in a state of perma-sore.  I need to learn to listen to my body, because it will always tell me when enough is enough.

This past weekend was all about rest, relaxation, and recouping from my admitted fitness fest. This past Friday, I went out on the town (sort of) with my bestest. After an incredibly intense gym session, we ventured over to Ruby Foo’s for dinner, and then a long, leisurely stroll down fifth avenue. The evening ended with frozen yogurt at Red Mango, naturally.

The rest of the weekend was about working on the site, and spending some QT with my sister, bro in law, and boyfriend. All in all, I am ready to start this week. Who’s with me?!

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