Twisted Hair, by Samy

Samy Twisted

Remember that discussion we had last month regarding Samy Haircare? Well, I promised an update with some of my favorites from the line, and you know I am always one to keep my promises.

Say hello to Twisted, a trio of hair care spray products designed especially for the curly-haired gals like me. Packed with curl enhancing technology, this is a line that seals out humidity while smoothing & defining curls.

With Twisted, my curly hair is covered in three easy steps:Samy Twisted

Step 1: Spritz Twisted Pomade Spray to add definition, texture, and gloss.

Step 2: Spritz Twisted Curl Define Spray -a lightweight, humidity resistant spray gel- to define curls.

Step 3: Spritz Twisted Frizz Control Spray as a finisher, to add shine while smoothing out frizzies and flyaways.

Curly Hair

Five minutes later, I am left air drying a perfectly curly head of hair. Samy Haircare’s Twisted Collection is everything my curly mop could ever want or need. Look for the full collection both online, and at your local drugstore.

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