Living Proof Straight Review

Readers, I am happy to report that despite the rising temperatures and humidity factors that this summer season is inevitably bringing, my naturally curly mop is on the straight and narrow path thanks to the fantabulous (and new!) Living Proof Straight. Let’s discuss the who, what, where, etc.

Who: Living Proof StraightLiving Proof Straight

What: A patented spray that creates sleek, and shiny straight hair without the use of oils, silicones, or other buildup causing gunk. The formula is ultra-lightweight, and pulls double duty to not only maintain style, but also to protect against heat tools.

When: Whenever you need it, on wet or dry hair.

Where: Party in your hair, of course.

Why: Because frizzing poodle hair is never cute.

How: Straight contains aerosolized PolyfluoroEster, a special molecule created especially for Living Proof products. The molecule creates a weightless shield that prevents moisture from entering the hair shift, ultimately preventing frizz, too.

For this frizz-prone gal, Straight rocks at keeping my locks all pin-like. Look for Living Proof’s Straight both online, and at your local Sephora.

One thought on “Living Proof Straight Review

  • July 28, 2011 at 8:57 am

    I know you said this can be used on wet or dry hair, but would you suggest putting this on when my hair is wet (before I blow dry) or after my hair is already straightened?

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