Krasey Fitness- Week 2

Since so many of you enjoyed my first post on this fitness journey of mine, I’ve decided that I am going to try to keep you all regularly updated on my progress. Thoughts and comments are always welcome.

Krasey Fitness

The initial fitness evaluation

Since I was already well into week two of my evaluation, I decided that it was time to truly face the facts and get myself evaluated. In a process that took about half an hour, one of the gym’s trainers sat down with me to not only discuss goals, but to also measure my resting heart rate, weight, body fat percentage, and calculate my peak heart rates for effective exercising. Needless to say, I am not quite where I want to be in terms of body fat percentage, but I fully accept all the work that  I will inevitable have to do.

A few more things I learned/discovered this week:

On plowing through

One of the important things that I realized is that it only gets easier the longer I do it (by it I mean run, strength train, workout in general). I discovered this during a particularly long and intense session on the elliptical, during which I beat my own personal record for calories burned, distance traveled, and resistance levels reached. I went for my habitual 33 minute program, only to find that after I still had more energy to burn. Back on I went, and approximately one hour later, I was 700 calories lighter, and still bursting with energy.

On the importance of protein

Protein is incredibly important in the building of muscle. The trainer that I spoke with recommended a dose of whey protein (which absorbs into the system the quickest) in the half hour window after an intense, strength training workout, to help my body’s muscles rebuild more quickly.

On Mixing it Up

Perhaps the most important thing that I learned this week is that the key to an effective workout is in variation, and lots of it. While many go to the gym and immediately hop into their go-to routines, that isn’t always the best way to move forward, because the body becomes used to repetitive movements, resulting in a true lack of progress. For me that means a mixture of rowing, running, spinning, and elliptical work, for maximum impact.

This is what I took away from week 2, in addition to a 1 pound weight loss. I can honestly say that two weeks in, I am already feeling like a stronger, sexier, healthier me.

By the way, I am a full believer in the buddy system. Who else here is on a journey towards physical fitness? I would love to hear your stories in the comments!

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