Krasey Fitness, and a Weekend in Review

It’s time for the krasey fitness weekly update. Here is all that is new and exciting in krasey fit land.

Week four has come to pass, and it goes without saying that I feel amazing. Not only did I do 5 days of gym work, but I also fit a Saturday Spinning class in, too! This week’s update is more about physical discoveries than conceptual ones.

On Workout Gear:

I’ve ordered more Under Armour workout gear. Wearing the items I purchased a few weeks ago has been a total game-changer, and I don’t want to work out in anything else now. Naturally, I am stocking up on gear in my signature pink and purple.

On Workout Fuel:

A new kit has recently come into my possession, and I am beyond excited to try it out. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be fueling up and slimming down with the Rodial Crash Diet Kit, a trio of products designed to energize, fuel, and aid in the fight against fat and cellulite.

On Becoming a Gym Rat:

One small milestone that I hit this week that I was rather proud of- I finally got the gym rat badge on FourSquare. It’s the little things, you see.

On Footwear Oddities:

One thing I’ve noticed in my particular gym is that all of the trainers are wearing these shoes:

The Vibram Five Fingers are odd looking indeed, but all of the trainers swear that they are the absolute best for working out in all aspects. I’m a bit conflicted. What do we think?

Did I mention that I am down over four pounds? Rather pleased about that, too.

That is all I have to report on the fitness front this week. With that, here is what I did this weekend!

This past Friday, the boyfriend and I went to see Sir Paul McCartney live, at Yankee Stadium.

Dorkdom reigned

And an amazing time was had by all

I polished off the weekend with a bridesmaid dress fitting, my first Spinning class, and several amazing meals with my boyfriend and friends.
So, how was your weekend? 🙂

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