Instant Gratification with Luster NOW

When it comes to whitening and brightening your dazzling smile, sometimes a gal needs a little bit of instant gratification. Cue Luster NOW, a treatment tool and optical illusionist that aids in the fight towards a whiter, brighter smile. This is the new toothpaste in town, folks, and it kind of rocks.Luster NOW! Instant Whitening Toothpaste

Luster NOW acts in the present and future, pulling double duty with each use. First, it instantly brightens the smile by using something that they call Bluverite technology, which essentially deposits an incredibly slight (you can’t even see it, really!) blue tinge to the teeth, to add brightness and considerable whiteness to the smile. By the way, it’s the same idea as using a blue-based red lipstick, the contrast makes teeth appear whiter. Second, prolonged use gently and safely lifts surface stains, giving a brighter smile over time. One pack comes with three teeny tubes, great for gals on the go, and these are perfectly safe on enamel, too.

As great as this stuff is, I will say that this isn’t really a breath freshening product, so I always make sure to supplement on that count with some Listerine after. Happily, I have experienced no sensitivity or other unsavory side effects, typically present with teeth whitening products. Only a brighter smile here, folks.

Luster NOW is available NOW, at your local drugstore. For a quick and steady whitening fix, Luster certainly gets the job done.

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