Hair-Philes, Going Curly with Babyliss Pro

Happy girls and happy curls are we

We are the happy girls with curls

Happy girls with happy curls are we

Oh yeah, so happy

While I have been known to lament over the less than straight nature of my hair, it doesn’t mean that I don’t on occasion yearn for beachy, wavy, bombshell hair. After chopping off a whole lot of my hair last year, I found that stick straight was the style that worked best for me. Now that my hair is back to mid back (yay!), I am looking to bring the Barbie Doll hair back. Enter Babyliss Pro’s style essentials.

First up, the foundations for haircare greatness. Specifically, Rusk (Babyliss’ sister brand) Deep Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, which are both infused with moisture-rich ingredients and keratin, to keep my hair looking frizz free and full of shine.

Babyliss C Styler

When I am in the mood to go wavy, I reach for the C Styler, which is especially designed for creating natural waves, to loose, flowing curls. This is an iron unlike any that I have seen before, going beyond a curved lip to bring me beachy hair with ease. Admittedly, it did take a little bit of getting used to, with the iron’s unique shape. Fortunately, I quickly discovered that curving my wrist immediately after clamping down works the best for me.

Babyliss Hair Setter

When I am in the mood to go all-out, full curly girl, I plug in my Babyliss Pro Hair Setter, and go to town. With a super speedy heat up time, these velvet covered rollers create quick curls that last for days.

No matter my mood, no matter the curl, Babyliss gets me there as quickly and painlessly as possible. While pinstraight is still a default styling favorite of mine, a girl’s gotta have options.

All Babyliss Pro products are available both online, and at various pro beauty shops everywhere.

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