Fragrance Friday- Love, Me. Love, Chloe

Love, Chloe FragranceWe’ve already established that I am a little more than slightly obsessed with the sweet sophistication that is the Chloe fragrance range, yes? Further fanning the flames of my perfume desire is this delectable variation on classic notes, Love, Chloe. A fragrance inspired by the intimacy of beauty rituals.

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The scent evokes images of a beautiful, silk-wrapper clad woman, sitting at her vintage armoire while delicately applying her face for the day. As she spritzes the fragrance onto her pulse points, she embodies the chic, sophisticated, ultra-feminine beauty that this scent has in mind. Love,

Chloe opens with a bright burst of sweet orange blossom and soft talc, which immediately gives way to a warmer, softer, more sensual floral scent. The aroma is reminiscent of certain luxury powders that frequent the haunts of my beauty shelf, and is absolutely lovely in its own right.

The bottle is softly curved, a clear flattened cylinder that lets the peach-colored fragrance shine through. The base is gilded with the name etched into the side, while the cap is attached by a dainty golden chain. The overall effect is a soft, understated sort of glamour, perfect for displaying on an armoire amongst other luxury lotions and potions.

The perfect scent for dreamers, socialites, and young professionals, Love, Chloe is femininity personified. She is available both online, and at your local Sephora or Nordstrom.

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