Fragrance Friday- CLEAN Scents for the Summer

When it comes to adjusting one’s fragrance preferences during the warmer months, sometimes one needs to go back to the basics. Capturing the essence of all that is summer are CLEAN’s Fragrances, Cotton T-Shirt and Summer Escape. Let’s discuss.

Clean-Cotton-T-ShirtCotton T-Shirt is a crisp, clean, airy scent, a blend of citrus and cotton blossoms. Much like a freshly laundered cotton tee, fresh out of the dryer, Cotton T-Shirt is a scent that warms and soothes. The official note list includes bergamot, fresh laundry accord, clean aldehydes, freesia, cotton flower, rosewood, sheer amber, musk, and vetiver.


A slight contrast to Cotton T-Shirt’s warmth, Summer Escape is cooler, crisper, brighter, and more citrus. Summer Escape is reminiscent of warm, carefree, days on the beach, with elements of both surf and sky. Its notes include bergamot, grass, mandarin orange and orange flower, peony, water lily, honeysuckle, cotton blossom, white sand accord, driftwood, and coconut water.

This summer, CLEAN brings fragrance back to basics. CLEAN Cotton T-Shirt and Summer Escape are currently available at your local Sephora.

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