Fragrance Friday- A Dozen Roses Fragrance Launch

More than just mere scent, a fragrance, when done well can embody a distinct spirit and personality. On this fragrance Friday, I want to introduce you all to a brand new fragrance launch, where three female perfumers created three distinct scents for three different woman. Say hello to A Dozen Roses.

A Dozen Roses is a launch that embodies the spirit of the unique women, each with a very distinct fragrance that revolves around scents of rose. Myself a lover of fragrances that include a rosy core, I was excited to have the opportunity to sniff this scent before it even hit the counters. Each scent includes A Dozen Roses’ signature rose absolute element, with additions that make each incarnation more unique than the rest. Let’s discuss.

Iced White is a bright floral, with hints of vanilla and musk. It is officially described as being clean and subtly edgy, but to me this is the scent of  soft, simple, unadorned femininity. The official notes include White Peony, White Primrose, Osmanthus, Vanilla, and musk. It was designed for the cool, classic, all-natural kind of girl.

Shakespeare in Love is a soft, warm, and comforting scent. Unique among the three in the softness of the scent, Shakespeare in Love strikes me as both warm and subtle, the scent not unlike that of rose soap. The notes include jasmine, gardenia, and pear, which give way to woods and vanilla in the drydown. The Shakespeare in Love girl is a dreamer, for sure.

Gold Rush is the sexiest scent of the three, a wild rich floral. It boasts the most notes of the three too, which include blackberry, neroli, ylang ylang, bittersweet chocolate, ebony wood, and gold rush rose. This is a scent for the trendy, party girl, who loves the party scene as much as she likes being at the height of fashion.

The packaging is absolutely beautiful. A Dozen Roses employs the use of stunning visuals, with original artwork delicately printed onto each rectangular flacon. The lacquer inks were painted by Lynn Emmolo, one of the creators of A Dozen Roses.

A Dozen Roses, a fragrance collection is inspired by three unique women. It is launching exclusively at Neiman Marcus on July 17th.

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