Flavor Over Fizz with Crystal Light

If there is one thing that I love to drink more than anything in this world, it’s Diet Coke. Decaf, Regular, in a glass with a slice of lime, I don’t care as long as it’s there in abundance.

Until now.

As part of a blogger program with Crystal Light, this summer I am embracing the Crystal Light lifestyle with a selection of some of their best-selling flavors. For the past few days I have been reaching for iced teas, not colas; light and sparkling beverages over the dark and bubbly stuff. While I don’t think I will completely give up my not-so-slight diet soda obsession, I do think that I will be reaching for Crystal Light more often. At 5 calories per stick, and packed with antioxidants and other great for me ingredients, I figure that the Crystal Light is better for me, too.


So which blend is my favorite, and how do I drink it? For me, the Peach Iced Tea reigns supreme, and I like to take it in my favorite glass with ice and a pretty straw, naturally.


Any fellow fans of the Crystal Light? What’s your favorite flavor?

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