Don’t Leave Home Without Them- Sally Hansen Handbag Essentials

Sally Hansen Beauty Essentials
Sally Hansen Beauty Essentials

File these beauty products under the “don’t leave home without ‘em” category. Lest we forget, there are tons of handbag staple gems that can be found in the very aisles of your local drugstore or mega mart. Here are some new items from Sally Hansen beauty that are not only useful, but conveniently teeny and handbag-friendly.

Mighty Mini Tweezers

Sally Hansen Mighty Mini Tweezers
Sally Hansen Mighty Mini Tweezers

I know I am not alone in my ability to groom and tweeze at home, only to visit a public restroom somewhere and realize in horror that I missed a very strategic, very obvious hair. Thankfully, I am now stowing Sally Hansen’s Mighty Minis, a pair of teeny tiny slant tip tweezers that removes even the most stubborn of hairs. Hasta la vista, stray hairs.

Nip ‘Em on the Go

Sally Hansen Nip 'Em On The Go Nippers
Sally Hansen Nip 'Em On The Go Nippers

Nip ‘Em on the Go ensures that gnarly cuticles, hangnails, and other unsavory cuticle conditions are a thing of the past. Perfectly tiny, these fit into my handbag ever so nicely. Just don’t try to pass an airport scan with these in tow, I don’t think the TSA would like that very much.

Firming Hand Cream

Sally Hansen Firming Hand Creme

Soft, supple hands are youthful, attractive hands. This tiny tube of Sally Hansen Anti-Aging Firming Cream ensures that my hands look and feel their best. This cream also has a lovely citrus scent, which I find absolutely invigorating.

Sally Hansen Vitamin Lip Balm


Vita Lip Care

Boring, ineffective lip balms need not apply, for the new Sally Hansen Vita Lip Care sticks not only enrich, hydrate, and condition lips, but also leave the most delicious of scents behind. Healthier, smoother lips is as easy as A for line smoothing, B for moisture, C for lip plumping, and E for lip soothing. Oh, and I love the lipstick-like applicators, for that extra luxurious feel.

When it comes to packing my handbag to high heaven with beauty essentials, these Sally Hansen products have solidified their status as veritable workhorses, cementing their spots in the inner sanctum of my purse. All of these Sally Hansen handbag essentials are conveniently and affordably available at your local drugstore.

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