Starting Fresh This Summer, with Pond’s Beauty

Carmindy and Krasey

This summer, I am all about the beauty refresh. For the most part, I will be ditching the heavier makeup applications in favor of all things light and airy. Speaking of which, with rising temperatures also comes a change in all beauty routines, and that includes cleansing. This is where Pond’s comes into play. Since I am all about the refresh, I am also all about the cleansing, enriching, refreshing, new additions to the Pond’s Makeup Removing Towelette family. Let’s discuss.

Brand new for my (and your) enjoyment are two varieties of scented, enriched, makeup removing cloths.

Pond's Morning Refresh Towelettes

Morning Refresh is the perfect way to start the day. These towelettes are enriched with cooling cucumber and refreshing citrus, to waken the senses and make the skin go ahh. Morning refresh has an added soft exfoliation factor, to gently remove dead skin cells and prep the skin for makeup and the day ahead. I actually stow a couple towelettes in a baggy in the fridge, for extra cooling when my skin is especially lackluster. I’m talking about combating the effects of working long days and playing even longer nights. Anyone who has done that knows, that kind of lifestyle yields some unsightly morning-after effects on the skin.

Pond's Evening Sooth Towellettes

Evening Soothe is the antidote to stubborn, waterproof makeup. Enriched with chamomile and white tea, these are also the perfect cloths to help you erase the stressors of the day. Therapeutic? I’d like to think so.

Tangent time! As a former dancer, I was no stranger to caking on the stage makeup in an effort to make my pale features stand out when there were tons of spotlights shining down upon my head. Unfortunately, removal of aforementioned makeup was a task to dread, if only for the fact that there was so much of it. Enter a product that was introduced to me by a fellow dance-mate, the original Pond’s makeup removing towelettes. Nothing else, save the uber-expensive Lancome Bi-Facil, removed my makeup so quickly and painlessly. I even took to using these in between costume changes to refresh.  From that moment on, I knew I had made a lifelong friend. So you see, Pond’s and I go way back.

Anywho, at a recent press event, not only did I have the immense pleasure of learning about these new additions to the Pond’s Makeup Removing Towelettes line, but I also had the opportunity to listen in as What Not To Wear’s resident makeup expert, Carmindy shared her summer beauty tips. Allow me to share a few:

Carmindy and Models

When it comes to the art of a bold blue eye for the summertime, the trick is to stay as close to the lashline as possible. A soft peach shade swept over the lid, and a soft coral gloss balances the look perfectly.

When combating summer shine, a bit of clear, unscented deodorant patted onto the face will do in a pinch.

Red lips are always a do, no matter the temperature. The trick is to find the perfect shade to match your skintone, and to not overdo it on the eyes or face.

Coral blush is so in for the summer.

Rocking Summer Red Lips, and Pond's!

This summer, I am armed with both Carmindy’s tips, and the newest from Pond’s. Folks, I am ready for my great summer refresh. The new Pond’s towelettes, and Carmindy’s beauty line, are both available at a drugstore near you.

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