Operation Organization- A Post-It Lifestyle Overhaul

In an effort to enjoy a more peaceful, cohesive, and altogether more organized existence, I have embraced the Post-It lifestyle. I have stepped out of the box (and the insane clutter) that is my NYC-sized bedroom, expanded my mind, and brainstormed like a madwoman, all because I am sick of my drab, cluttered, and generally disordered home workstation. Much more than those little yellow stickies I swore by in school, Post It has a full lineup of chic office supplies that is helping me towards that goal.

I must confess, the ultimate source of inspiration for Project Re-Vamp KB HQ (or PRKBHQ, for short) was a semi-recent jaunt at a Post-It press event. At said event I not only learned about some of Post-It’s new additions, but also new methods for keeping myself in check. Later that week, armed with some of the aforementioned new additions, I got to cracking.


As I sit here in my snazzy little home office, I can’t help but feel relieved. A place for everything, and everything in its place is the new, organized me’s motto, and I am sticking to it. Even better, my favorite aspect of this whole re-vamping process is the customizability offered by the entire Post It range. Gone are the days of the ugly sticky notes, the unsightly folders, the boring stick pens, and here are the days of the playfully color-coated, completely streamlined, all purpose office supplies.

Readers, I hope that you will join me in this general organizational effort. A daunting task for some, indeed, but made all the easier thanks to Post-It. All of these organizational offerings are available at your local office supply shop.

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