Krasey and her HTC Droid Get a Makeover

When it comes to the art of the makeover, why should my visage and form have all the fun? I’ve already praised the virtues of my beloved (my precious!) Droid Incredible. Now, brand new in the HTC world is the Droid Incredible 2, a sleeker, sexier, altogether shinier (matte-er?) smartphone.

Let us discuss the phone! The Droid Incredible 2 has all of the delightful bells and whistles of the original Incredible, with noticeable improvements in function, and, especially in form. For starters, the screen is larger and the phone is slimmer. Front to back, the phone is sleek, chic, matte black. Gone is the optical trackball on the bottom (side note: so that’s what that thing on the bottom did!), and added is a front facing camera for easy peasy self portraits- because mirror pictures are just so MySpace. Other noticeable changes include the presence of more personalization options (like skins and live wallpaper!), and a crisper, brighter screen resolution.

In addition to previewing the new phone, at a recent press event HTC graciously afforded me with the opportunity to get back to basics with three luscious treatments at the Townhouse Spa in Midtown. After a precious pedicure, meticulous manicure, and sigh-inducing neck and shoulder rub, I felt like a brand-new person. That day, I felt like both my HTC Droid Incredible and I both shed some of our respective rougher outer layers to emerge rejuvenated, refreshed, and looking (and feeling) better than before.

Having gone past the “getting to know you” phase, I feel my Incredible 2 and I have officially solidified our long-term relationship status. I love the sleek design, I love the speed at which it runs, and I especially love that it keeps me going, going, and gone. For this busy New Yorker, there is nothing better than having a sexy phone that keeps as busy as I do, with applications, e-mail, multimedia, and great voice quality phonecalls, to boot!

If you are as attached to your Incredible as I am, or, if you are just dipping your toes into the smart phone universe, the HTC Droid Incredible 2 is a wonderfully geek-chic way to go.

The HTC Droid Incredible is available on the Verizon network.

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