Finding The Goddess in Me, with Gillette Venus and Tracy Anderson

As much as it pains me to say it out loud, I must confess that I have a love-hate relationship with my body. That is, I love to hate it. While I’ve grazed the subject and hinted at my feelings, a recent press event with Gillette Venus and Tracy Anderson has enabled me to bring all of these issues to the surface.

To give a bit of a background on how I got to where I am today, I was a competitive dancer (pointe, tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, etc) for 13 years, so being self conscious about my body in a leotard was a constant theme of growing up. Despite being incredibly active, on any given day I was on some form of diet, ranging from portion control, to weight watchers, to straight starvation. This cycle (dance and diet) lasted up until I turned 18, and went to a land far far away for college (New Jersey). My sophomore year, fitness became about the daily trips to the gym and hour long runs on the treadmill. Of course the dieting also persisted, even though I was fairly on the ball, then.


Fast forward to present day, where I am looking more gelatinous than toned, and, you guessed it- still dieting. Between my finance day job and my writing hobby, fitness has fallen off the priority bandwagon. As a result, I’ve gained a bit of weight, and lost even more of that precious muscle tone that I previously worked so hard for. Well readers, I am fed up with the state of things as they are. No more, I say! This is where Gillette and Tracy Anderson come into play.

The goal of the Gillette event that I attended was to not only to tell us about the awesome new ProSkin razors, (as an aside, Tracy told an anecdote in which she ran out of her beloved ProSkin razors, and sent her assistant on a frantic dash to find the not-yet-released product. She is that big of a fan) but to also give those in attendance (me, included) the opportunity to celebrate our unique bodies, and find in ourselves our own internal goddesses. Since this was a Gillette event, I should mention that the workout was obviously all about the legs.

Venus Razor

The petite, bubbly, blonde powerhouse that keeps JLo’s leg’s Venus-fantastic, Tracy had us working muscles in our gams and backsides that we didn’t know existed. Trust me when I say that as I pen/type this post, my lower half’s muscles are aching something fierce, 2 days later.

I will say this. Through that grueling workout, I experienced an epiphany of sorts. The aches, the pains, the sweating, all of that felt amazing. As I moved my body in ways it hasn’t moved in years, I began to truly envision a new me. A fitter, stronger, more confident me, in fact. That day, Tracy Anderson (her moves, her mantra, the woman) and Gillette led 10 of us on a journey towards our more goddess-like selves, and I loved it. Tracy, herself a firm believer in the fact that exercise should be a daily full mind and body experience, tailored to one’s unique shape, has changed many lives; and most certainly, mine.

The workout was tough, and the aches and pains I experienced during and long after were even tougher. Nevertheless, I am once again inspired to be in the best shape that I can be. No more pudding paunch, and no more “I don’t feel like it”.

Thanks to Tracy Anderson and Gillette Venus, more than anything, I am inspired enough to begin my own personal journey to reveal my inner goddess.

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