Clap It Up for LUSH Tiny Hands

LUSH Tiny Hands Serum

Wave your dry hands in the air

Then rub them away like you just don’t care

Cause LUSH rocks the party

These Tiny Hands rock the party

Moisture with a special LUSH flair.

If the winter season is the time for our skin to suffer from harsh conditions and even harsher skin ailments, then spring is the time for rejuvenation, moisture, protection, and renewal. New to the LUSH lineup is Tiny Hands, a delightfully rich solid hand cream. Packed with loads of great for you argan oil, aloe vera, cocoa and shea butters, a rubdown with Tiny Hands leaves weather-worn hands looking and feeling brand new. Absent is that gross greasy feeling that some moisturizers yield, and left in the solid’s wake is nothing but smooth, supple hands.

Let’s discuss the adorably tiny shaped mitt for just a moment. How cute is this?! Even better, it carries the delicious scent of vanilla and flowers.

Folks, let’s wave our rejuvenated hands in the air, and give it up for the newest treat from LUSH.

LUSH Tiny Hands is available both online, and at your local LUSH shop.

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