All About Samy Haircare

Ladies and gents, children of all ages, I am on a mission. My task, as I’ve chosen to accept it, is to get you all informed about the great ball of awesome that is the Samy haircare line. As a shiny and new brand ambassador, I will be keeping you all in the loop on all things fun and exciting in Samy land. Before I get to talking products and promos, allow me to give you all a bit of an introduction.

So who/what is this Samy (from Miami) all about? For starters, Samy the man is a stylist and hair guru that hails from the sunshine state.

Samy from Miami

He is singlehandedly responsible for not only changing the lives of women with hair issues worldwide, but also educating those very same women on how to get the hair they crave with his line of hair and color products that are both innovative, and affordable. With everything from curl crème to thickening spray, there is a solution to any and all possible conundrums.

Stay tuned for more on Samy’s product line, including a few select items that I am currently loving. In the meantime, make sure that you are following Samy on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, because there are always promotions and other fun things going on in the Samy World.

Who’s a fan? Share your experiences with Samy Haircare in the comments!

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