A Bronzer for Every Mood- Physician’s Formula

Physician's Formula Bronzers

Dull and dreary, pale and drab, the citizen’s of the makeup republic craved some serious color of the gilded variety. In an effort to appease the citizens, the experts procured a single shade of bronzing powder for the masses; but alas, the citizens were still not pleased! A bronzer for every mood, they cried! This is where our friends at Physician’s Formula stepped in, providing just that- a bronzer for every style, and every mood.

Natural Glow- For the demure ones out there, soft matte shades.

Pearls of PerfectionPhysician's Formula Bronze Booster

Soft Glow- For the bolder ladies who are looking to bronze, the more pronounced hints of bronze.

Physician's Formula Eye Candy Cashmere Bronzer
Cashmere Bronzer


Radiant Glow- For the gals that want to shine bright as the sun.

Physician's Formula Happy Booster Beige
Happy Booster

Glamorous Glow- For the ladies who want all eyes on their bronzed selves.

PF Bronze Booster
Bronze Booster

Armed with so many bronzing options, the public rejoiced! No matter the style, the subject, the mood, Physician’s formula has a bronzer for that.

Make like the citizens of the makeup republic, and get thyself involved with Physician’s Formula bronzers, available at a drugstore near you.

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