Vacation, All I’ve Ever Wanted- Jet Setting Beauty Essentials

As I sit down to pen (type) this post, I recall a summer about 8 years ago, during which I penned an imaginary essay entitled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. The essay was written to the tune of all of the missed opportunities of that particular summer. The almosts, as in I almost went on a tropical vacation; the could-haves, as in I could have met a celebrity (long story), and the mights, as in I might have had the time of my life. Those weren’t the days, I will tell you that much.

Fast forward to present day, where it is all about what is happening. This year is my year, and I am taking charge of going forth and getting what I want. In this case, what I want is a fabulous vacation (though, I will settle for a few mini vacations). Further pursuant to that goal, this post is all about the beauty products I plan to bring with me as I head off and out. My beauty travel essentials, if you will.

Amika Go Go Set

Amika Go Go Travel Set

If there is one thing I learned during a trip to Switzerland a couple of years back, it is that portable hot toolery is a must when one will be staying in a non tropical locale. Towards that goal, the Amika Go Go Travel kit is pure travel perfection. With a potent ionic mini blow dryer, and an equally powerful ½” purse sized flatiron, all of my hairstyling needs are covered. Not to mention, the stylers in the kit are adorably teeny, and incredibly fun to look at with their giraffe print.

Molton Brown to Go Kit

Molton Brown Women's Traveller Kit

On any trip one goes on, toiletries are obviously a must. However, between TSA regulations, and a general lack of organization, I always find myself scrambling to have my grooming product needs met. Not the case anymore, with the Molton Brown Women’s Traveler 2011 kit. I have recently fallen deeply in love with the Molton Brown bath and skincare range, so it goes without saying that I already love all of the items in the kit, from the delicious paradisiac pink pepperpod scented shower gel and lotion, to the essential skin hydration boosting moisture mist. Everything in the kit is in a TSA-friendly size, so there is no fear of confiscation, too.


Tocca Stella SPF Towelettes

In this day and age, we already know that SPF is an absolute must, no matter where you are going. Eliminating the need to bring that hefty bottle of Coppertone, TOCCA’s patented SPF wipes bring the sun protection in abundance. Each towelette comes loaded with an SPF 30 physical sunscreen that is sweat and water resistant. Also infused into the formula are both natural and essential ingredients such as Vitamins E and B5, Aloe, and Avocado Oil. As if that didn’t have you at hello, the formula is beautifully scented to the tune of TOCCA’s Stella fragrance, yum.

Urban Decay Fun Palette

Urban Decay Fun Palette

Now, we get to the really fun part, the makeup! Fitting the bill in the eye category is a familiar favorite of mine, as far as beauty brands go, Urban Decay. The Fun Palette brings a mini eyeshadow primer, six punchy eyeshadow shades, and a black waterproof liner to the party. All of the shades (Woodstock, Baked, Uzi, Sin, Flipside, Psychedelic Sister) are available in the permanent range, but I rather like that they are all in one place.

Urban Decay Fun Palette

Royal and Langnickel Brush Kit

Royal and Langnickel Makeup Brushes

What fun is a brilliant makeup palette, without an excellent brush set to apply it all? Covering makeup application from primer to shadow, to finisher, is the Royal and Langnickel SILK travel brush kit. These synthetic brushes have all of the benefits of synthetic (durability, ease of use, etc) without any of the adherence issues I have come to find with other synthetics I’ve used. Flexible, resilient, and an absolute pleasure to use, this cohesive kit is all I need to get my full face pretty.

Anthony Logistics for Men Grab and Go Kit

Grab and Go Kit

When it comes to travel toiletries, why should men have all the fun? Keeping my travel companion handsome is the Anthony Logistics Grab and Go Kit for him. Included in the kit are travel sized (read: TSA friendly) Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Facial Scrub, Shave Cream, Lip Balm, Coconut Shampoo, and Citrus Body Cleansing Gel, all in a quart size zip top bag. He likes it because everything is in one spot, I love it because it keeps him grime and scruff free.

These are the things I am packing in my pink suitcase. Tell me in the comments, what are your jet-setting beauty essentials?

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