The Science of Haircare and T3 Micro

Dear readers, indulge me for a moment here. You already know that I am a bit of a science nerd, so with that fact I set the tone of this fun-filled mane attraction.

Oftentimes, we wash our hair and then proceed to either let it be (air-dry), or style with various best tressed paraphernalia. People fall into two groups, generally. Folks either become devotees to the heat tool family, or they are haircare purists that go the air-dry route and think their hair healthier. Few and far between are the moments when either group stops and thinks of the underlying results and implications of aforementioned methods, beyond what’s on the surface. Mainly, if our hair looks good, we are happy.

Revenge of the Blow Dryer
Revenge of the Blow Dryer with Davide Torchio

Generally, heat tools are considered the enemy, right? Well beauties, what if I told you that using heat tools (with proper protection, of course!) is actually a good, nay, a great thing. Enter T3, and their splendiferous line of hairstyling hot tools. At a recent T3 event, I gained much insight into the science of hairstyling. Myself a general haircare purist, I was surprised to learn that using heat to style is actually better for locks. Through a series of incredibly involved tests (we are talking measures of force and light diffraction tests!), a panel of cosmetic chemists found that heat styling, as opposed to air drying leads to:

  • 79% Reduction in Frizz
  • 28% Increase in Luster
  • 93% Increase in Body
  • 36% Increase in Comb-Ability
  • 52% Increase in Style Retention.

When you add Tourmaline to a heat tool, in conjunction with Ionic Technology, the results begin to make even more sense. Since we are on a bit of a roll here, let me offer up this fun fact: wet hair has a naturally positive charge, while T3’s styling tools make use of negative ions. Since we all know that opposites attract, we can safely assume that the addition of ionic reactions leads to a faster drying time. Faster drying time means that water both leaves and diffuses into the hair shaft faster, which equates to all those wonderful result statistics that we see above.

Those facts and figures are obviously nothing to scoff at. The score is heat styling- 1, air drying- 0.

T3 SinglePass Whirl Wand

Here’s another two points for the heat styling team, two fantastic new additions to the team. First up, T3 has just launched the SinglePass Whirl Wand, and suffice it to say that it is truly something special. While I am no stranger to the concept of the clipless curler, The Whirl Wand is by far one of the best I’ve seen/tried/admired/fawned over thus far. The barrel is tapered, allowing you to adjust the width of the curls/waves you are craving. It also heats up to an impressive 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and doesn’t lose heat immediately upon touching the hair. Ionic technology ensures that heat travels evenly through the hair for maximum shine, and a full head of gorgeous, sexy, beachy waves was mine in a little under 15 minutes. Consider me a huge fan of that.

Also not to be missed, T3 has launched an update to their original mini, the sleek, the powerful, the incredibly adorable Single Pass Compact. Infusing all of that fantastic tourmaline and ion technology into a teeny tiny package, this iron is pure, unadulterated, totable hair perfection. I love that it is small enough to straighten out my roots and bangs, yet large enough to get a full head of hair straight, quickly. To make traveling matters even easier, it comes with a heat resistant cap that allows you to pop it straight into your bag as soon as you turn it off. The impatient gal on the go in me absolutely loves that.

T3 Micro SinglePass Compact

As an aside, let me say that in the past I have purchased the original T3 Featherweight, and the original hot pink T3 Mini Flat Iron, and both have performed wonderfully for me for YEARS. I am a huge fan of the brand already, obviously, and these new additions lovingly join my humble T3 family. These are quality products, folks.

Join me in a collective a-ha moment, as I revel in a new chapter in my haircare story. With science providing all the proof I need, I am currently embracing a T3 lifestyle. All T3 Micro tools are available both online, and at your local Sephora.

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