Techy Tuesday- Sony HandyCam

Readers, I’ve often hinted at the fact that I am somewhat of a techno-geek. I mean, can you really blame me for getting as excited about a new gadget as I do about lipstick?

I thought not.

Anywho, this post is to briefly discuss my newest acquisition, obsession, and beloved member of my blog-tech trifecta, the Sony HDR-CX160 Handycam. Determined to up the ante on my youtube videos and whatnot, I found everything that I wanted and needed at the Sony Style store in NYC, and in this sexy little camcorder.


So, what makes this so perfect for me? HD quality, for one. Filming beauty reviews in HD ensures that my viewers will see every fine little detail on those beauty products I talk about, and looks that I demonstrate. Another winning point is the wide angle lens, which covers a greater area. I mean, the Flip Mino HD is great and all, but the viewing area is smaller than my palm, and that’s tiny. Throw in a microphone jack, 16 gb of internal memory, amazing face stabilization capabilities, and a crystal clear picture, and I was hooked.

Do you own an HD camcorder? If so, please share your experience in the comments! The HandyCam HDR-CX160 is available on

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