K is for Krasey, as in Krasey Good Coffee with Keurig and Green Mountain

Ladies and gents of the blogosphere, might you recall that lovely little chat we had about wonderfully caffeinated beverages a while back? I’m talking about coffee and the Keurig, of course. If you need a refresher, stop by here.

Well folks, I have had the fortune of being asked to be a Keurig blogger ambassador. What that means is that the caffeine-laden fun doesn’t end with this post! Not only will I be keeping you all in the loop regarding all that is new and exciting in Keurig land, but I will also be hosting twitter chats, promotions, and special discount codes. From time to time, I will also share some coffee related tidbits and recommendations. All in all, I promise that a fun time will be had by all.

For now, I leave you all with the first code. To get in on the Keurig action (with a 15% off discount and free shipping, too!), simply go to GreenMountainCoffee.com and enter code AM0013-3599 upon checkout. Having the Keurig in your life has never been this affordable.

Please share your coffee-related thoughts with me in the comments, and until next time, cheers!

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