Falling Hard for nOir Jewelry

nOir Jewelry

Readers, have I made mention of my (more than) slight obsession with jewelry of a (less than) subtle persuasion? I’m talking about the big, the bold, the statement pieces that an AMAZING jewelry wardrobe make. Say hello to the newest brand that houses all of the objects of my desire, nOir Jewelry.

A celebrity favorite, nOir features a full range of costume jewelry pieces that range from the delicate, to the dangerous (hello SPIKED rings) to the full out fantasy pieces. At a recent sample sale, I went kind of krasey, snatching up a ton of gorgeous pieces that are making me all kinds of giddy.

nOir jewelry is available both on their website, and at select exclusive boutiques and retailers.

Any fellow fans of nOir Jewelry? What are some of your favorite pieces?

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