Drugstore Epiphanies, the Clairol Edition

My dear readers, I’ve had another one of those drugstore epiphanies. This time, of the at-home hair coloring variety. During a recent press event for Clairol, at the Marie Robinson Salon, I had the opportunity to try Natural Instincts 10 minute haircolor in Egyptian Plum, with great results! Despite my initial skepticism, I emerged from aforementioned salon with rich, lustrous, refreshed plum-hued locks.

When first approached to try an at-home demi (semi-permanent) dye, the salon snob in me scoffed a little. I am a salon single-process kind of girl, and I knew that it would take some pretty fancy color work to change all of that. I must also  confess that another reason for my initial reservations about the whole thing was a botched past incident with 2 boxes of at-home haircolor. I am talking ruined clothing, and red hair dye that visited my hair for all of 30 minutes, and left right about the time I rinsed (root rehab, I am looking at you).

After getting over my initial fears and hang-ups, I entered the salon with an open mind. Upon the recommendation of Marie Robinson herself, I chose Natural Instincts semi permanent dye in Egyptian Plum, a shade she promised would keep the darkness in my mane that I have come to know and love, while still depositing the rich plum hues that I crave. In a process that took all of 20 minutes from start to finish (application, development, and rinse), I went from my standard deep blackened red, to a richer, more vibrant, blackened plum. Color (he he, get it?) me impressed!

What makes the new Natural Instincts so special I would come to find is the 2 week color refresher, a supplement that comes in the original color kit. Designed to keep hair looking vivacious, the vibrantly hued gel deposits some of the color lost in the washings back into the hair, ensuring that my hair looks as rich and luscious on day 16, as it did on day 1. Needless to say, I am incredibly pleased with the whole experience.

Previously tied down to colorists and salon appointments, I am coming to discover that there is something to this drugstore at-home hair coloring thing, after all. Thanks to Clairol Natural Instincts, and the Marie Robinson Salon, my hair color is looking AMAZING. Look for the new Natural Instincts, in drugstores now.

Oh, and P.S. Clairol is giving out F.R.E.E boxes of the haircolor THIS WEEK!

To help women across the country be spotted with healthy-looking hair color, Natural Instincts is hosting a 75,000 box giveaway on the Clairol Facebook page from May 13-15, giving away 25,000 boxes at noon each day. For more info, see below.

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