Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Bliss Spa Poetic Waxing Kit

When it comes to self-waxing, one word comes to mind: NO. As in no, it’s not easy, and no, I’d prefer not to. Let’s just say I will chalk it up to a bad at-home self-wax experience.

Given my slight fear of the concept, it would take something serious to cause me to re-evaluate. It turns out that something serious was an ad-hoc outing, and a distinct lack of razor blades in mi casa. I had a slight Chewbacca situation going on, and it wasn’t pretty.

Rifling through the contents of my beauty closet, I stumbled upon a home wax kit from Bliss called Poetic Waxing. Recalling my friend Katie’s affection for the kit, I decided to suck it up and get things done. One pep talk and blissfully easy waxing session later, I am so thrilled that I did.

Bliss Spa Poetic Waxing Kit

The Poetic Waxing kit is a handy dandy set, featuring all of the products one would need to get from furry to bare, as quickly and as painlessly as possible. Included in the kit is of course the wax (in a handy microwaveable cup!), a pre waxing cleanser (to ensure that nothing will get in the way of de-hairification), and pre and post waxing oil. Plastic spatulas, make application a snap, and the self hardening wax eliminates the need for annoying strips.

I followed the handy instructions included to the letter. After applying the lukewarm wax, I braced myself for the pain I would experience at my own hands. Delightfully, there was none. All that was left in on my legs was silky smooth, hairless skin. Big yay for that! The process took about 20 minutes, and since I experienced none of the irritation post wax, I felt the need to show off my legs in a mini. I danced the night away, obviously.

For all of the benefits of home waxing (cost, privacy, convenience), without the pain, this Bliss kit has me changing my tune, and waxing poetic. It is available at all Bliss Spa locations, as well as on QVC.

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