SK-II Moisturizing Cream Review

SKII Skin Signature Moisturizing Cream

In the arctic tundra that is New York City in the winter, my skin fights a raging battle with the elements. Wind, plummeting temperatures, and dry blasts of indoor heat considered, it is no wonder I need to up the ante on my moisturizing skincare routine. Enter SK-II Skin’s Signature Cream, an anti-aging potion chock full of rich, luscious, essential moisture.

My introduction to SK-II fortuitously led me to a new step in my skincare routine, the Pitera-rich Facial Essence. In my ongoing quest to keep my complexion on its best behavior, I feel like the Essence has definitely been a game changer. Fast forwarding to present season, with the winter came my need for more moisture. Given my success with the Essence, it is no wonder I was looking to kick my Pitera routine up a couple of notches with the Signature Cream, a potent blend of moisture and special skincare ingredients.SKII Skin Signature Moisturizing Cream

Let’s discuss Signature Cream’s special recipe. The first component in the cream is one that we familiarized ourselves with on our first go-round with SK-II, Pitera. As a refresher, Pitera, a by-product of yeast fermentation, is a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that protects, rejuvenates, and renews the skin. The second major ingredient is Vitamin B3, one of the essential vitamins for healthy skin. The last constituent, Oli-Vityl, is a component derived from olives, that reinforces the structure of the skin by boosting collagen. With this ingredient trio, the Signature Cream works its moisturizing, anti-aging magic.

For this winter-worn face, SK-II Skin Signature Moisturizing Cream is a little dollop of heaven. No matter what I put my skin through that day, I know that when I put this cream on in the evening, all is instantly forgiven. I wake up the next morning with bright, firm, moisturized skin that is ready to take on the elements once more.

SK-II Skin Signature Moisturizing Cream is part of a balanced, Pitera-rich skincare routine. It is available both online, and at your local department store.

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